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How to Get a Girl to Like You

How to Get a Girl to Like You

Have you just met an amazingly beautiful, intelligent and fun loving girl that you would love to date? But the only snag is you consider her to be out of your league? If you still want to impress her and sweep her off her feet, this is the ideal guidebook explaining how to get a girl to like you! After reading this, you will master the art of how to get a girl to like you and never again you will think that any girl is out of your league!

1. What do girls look for in guys?

There is no specific template of the ideal guy-while some girls are naturally attracted with men having well built bodies others automatically fall for nerds.  However there are some generally acceptable qualities that girls look for in men.  If you want to know how to get a girl to like you, here’s the checklist of the qualities that girls look for in the opposite sex.
Girls like guys who are…
★ Attractive
The word attractive holds different meanings to different girls.  While most girls will be impressed with a man who has a body a la Christiano Ronaldo, some of them downplay the importance of a well built body and look more for stylish men.  Women tend to be more fascinated by men who are attractive and this does not only mean that you have to be handsome, it has a lot to do with your style of dressing up, walking, talking and interacting with other people as well.
Girls like to be with guys who have a strong character and hold a firm opinion on something-it shows that they have the ability to stand up and fight for something which is right.  Being attractive to girls, does not only have to do with your looks, it also has a lot to do with your sense of humor and your ability to make her laugh and spend a good time by your side.  If you want to get a girl to like you, you should by all means strive to look and sound attractive through your taste, style, conversation and showing to her that you are intelligent!
★ Hygiene
There is this thing called personal hygiene which a lot of guys seem to be unaware of.  Girls are not only interested in how well you perform in bed, they also value small details like clean and well trimmed nails, well shaved person, no body odor and most important of all no mouth odor-it’s a real turn off!
★ Career Prospects/ Grade A student
Face it-girls like intelligent men.  They want to know that the men they chose can be a provider and not a moocher! No one wants to be with a very handsome and attractive man who is…jobless! She wants to be loved and taken care of-she is not here to nurture and mother you!  Even if you are still studying, show her that you have the potential of making it big in life and when you are successful she will be the girl who is behind your success and you will treat her like a queen.
★ Ambitious
Girls are impressed with guys who have a plan for their future-by plan I mean a real plan to move up the career and social ladder! Girls like to be around men who are enthusiastic and ambitious about their future and who can picture themselves as successful and well established individual-even if right now they are still testing the waters when it comes to choosing a career path!
★ Friend circle
Did you know that the type of friends you have tell a lot about the kind of person you are? If you hang out with losers and good for nothing type of men, chances are your reputation may be tainted and this will hamper your chances of seducing girls! Why do you think the trio Clooney-Pitt-Cruise is reputed for their seductive charms?
★ Chivalry is not dead
It does not hurt to be a gentleman-in fact it totally pays.  Women claim to be liberal and pretend to be completely independent but take my word for it no women likes to pay the bills at the end of a date and will definitely appreciate if you open the door for them! Always remember ability to provide is an important quality of a guy.  She needs to feel protected around you-and not exploited!
Girls like to be around guys who are confident and know how to keep things in control and lead a conversation.  If you are the kind of man that becomes tight lipped in front of a gorgeous woman or have a panic attack every time you go on a date, then you have a bit of a problem!
★Good sense of humor
Without a doubt girls like to be with men who are smart and can lead a conversation about any topic but this does not mean that you have to show off about you immense knowledge on politics and world economics.  You should also know how to chill out and share some jokes and make her laugh.  When she hangs out with you, she wants to have some fun and not be in another politics class!

2. How to be the ideal man?

After having read what girls are looking for in men, the main questions then are how to transform yourself into relationship and dating material? And after the transformation into the ideal guy, how to get a girl to like you? Here are some tips on how to be the perfect guy and make any girl fall for you.
Build on your looks
OK we have to admit that not everyone is born with incredibly good looks but you have to realize that there are certain things that can be done to improve your looks.
·    Exercise
Firstly you should try to exercise as often as possible and you may join a gym or engage yourself in sports activities as often as possible-this is the first step towards getting rid of your excess kilos and moving towards a good looking body!
·    Personal Hygiene
Make sure to trim your nails and use a small brush to clean underneath your nails while at the same time you should get rid of bad habits like biting nails.  Every time you go out make sure you look your best by shaving and make use of a good after shave cream- girls are not impressed with razor burns and shaving rash.
·    Hair Style
Hair style is another important aspect of your looks.  Avoid copying famous hairstyles without checking whether the style will suit you or not.  For instance a lot of guys blindly copy Justin Bieber’s hair style just because it is in fashion but do not realize that they end up looking like jerks! Be original-choose something that will suit your face shape and make you look your best!
·    Clothing style
This is not about wearing a tuxedo every time you go out-it’s more about dressing appropriately in different contexts.  You should try to look your best every time- we all have some days where we want to dress down but making a habit out of it will definitely decrease your success with girls.  If you want to grab the attention of the opposite sex you must show her that you are not unfamiliar with the words style and class.
If you lack ideas on how to dress up and what to wear on particular occasions, read magazines like Men’s Vogue or Esquire.
Be well groomed
Like mentioned earlier, always look your best.  Wear nice clothes that fit you well and which fit the context as well-if you are going for a date, avoid wearing your baggy jeans and snickers for your first date.  If you know that she cannot stand men with tattoos and piercings, you may want to remove some of your piercings when you are going to see her and try to cover some of your tattoos-you surely do not want to drive her away on the first date itself
Work on your social circle
If you have a reputation for hanging out with losers, it’s about time you try to remedy to this situation! Try to integrate new groups, find new friends or more importantly detach yourself from the current group and make yourself appear like someone very friendly who does not belong to a single group-be the all around guy!
Build up your confidence level
Confidence is normally something which builds up with time and experience.  However there are some tricks that could help make you more confident- before every date, remind yourself of your good qualities and congratulate yourself that at least you managed to get her to come on a first date with you and already this is an achievement in itself.  Mentally prepare some of the conversations you would like to have with her and anticipate some of her answers and what you would like to respond to her.
Master the art of making girls laugh
If you want a girl to relax and remember you as someone interesting and fun to hang out with, you need to learn how to make them laugh-remember that no one’s asking you to be her dancing monkey! Share some jokes with her or some funny moments that you have had in your life; this will allow both of you to engage in conversation and avoid being locked in deadly silence that new couples have to face whenever their topics for conversation is over
Be a gentleman
You may not have full control on your looks or your wits and ability to make someone laugh, but if there is one thing you can definitely get right it’s manners! Being a gentleman is never out of style and it is easy to show someone that you still believe in gallantry-open the door for her, compliment her when you see her, pull out her chair for her, when she’s cold propose to give your jacket, propose to pour her drinks for her-these are simple tips that will definitely make her heart melt.
how to get a girl to like you

3. How to get a girl to like you?

After having identified the qualities that girls look for in guys and how you could inculcate those qualities in you, we now proceed to the most important part of this tutorial-how to get a girl to like you?
Talk the talk
Whenever you see her, you should be able to come up with an interesting conversation topic.  Try to make it about something that she is interested in.  Or you can ask her about how things are going on at work or at school.  The point here is to engage in friendly conversation and getting to know her more.  Once you have managed make her notice you and made the first step into her life as a friend, gradually take things to the next level.
Compliment her
Now that you are no stranger to her, you can proceed gradually towards getting her to like you more than a friend.  Whenever you see her, compliment her; try to be specific in your compliments and say things like:
“You look really beautiful with your hair tied in a pony tail”
And avoid saying things like
“You look beautiful today”
Whenever you see a change in her, make sure that you point it out to her.  This is a way of showing that you care about every detail about her and you take the time to savor every small detail about her beauty and notice changes in her.
Flirt with her
Complimenting and flirting with someone are two separate things.  Men know that they have to compliment their ladies, but very often they fail to realize that they have to flirt as well-flirting takes you out of the ‘friend zone’ and gives clear signs that you are looking for more than friendship.
Flirting is not about complimenting; it is all about teasing the girl in a good hearted and fun way without being offensive and rude.  For example one way of teasing a girl is my maintaining eye contact for some time while at the same time having a quirky smile or even looking at her in a suggestive way while caressing her hand.
You should bear in mind that flirting is not only about the words you use or your actions.  It has a lot to do with your body language as well.  When you are flirting with a girl, you need to have the right body posture, confident eye contact and control your nervous ticks.  You should appear relax and laid back and demonstrate to her that you have control of the situation.
Show interest in her
If you want a girl to like you, you should make her feel like a prize.  So whenever you are with her, listen to her, ask her questions about things she likes and dislikes, show interest in whatever she is doing and saying.  If she is currently studying, ask her where she pictures herself in a few years.  Show her that you are passionate about everything that is related to her
Maintain eye contact when you are talking
Whenever you are around her, look deep in her eyes and make her realize that you have devoted all your time and attention to her.  Maintain eye contact and look at her with admiration and from time to time you may even interrupt her to say romantic things like:
“I could spend hours listening to you; you look so cute whenever you are talking passionately about something”
Maintaining eye contact is a romantic way of saying ‘nothing in this world will distract me now that I am with you’
Now that you have come all the way from being a perfect stranger in her life to a newly found love, try not to mess up! Do not ask for advice when it comes to wooing her-like how she wants you to kiss her and when she expects to be kissed.  You should know when is the right time to initiate the first touch and kiss-if she responds favorably to the first move, you can take things to the next level otherwise you know that you have to wait some more!
Show her that you care
When you see and feel that there is something which is bothering her, ask her if there is anything she wants to talk about.  Hug her and take her in your arms while reassuring her that things will work out with time.  Take her out for an ice cream or even buy her a flower when you know she is sad.  Be here whenever she needs you and be her shoulder to cry on.  You should demonstrate to her that she is your number one priority.
Be respectful of her and her opinions
We all have our own stance on certain issues which we do not like to see challenged.  So if her opinions about a particular topic are not in harmony with yours, do not make a scene out of it and be judgmental.  Show some respect about her way of thinking and stand by your own.  This will demonstrate that you are a mature and respectful person.


★    Do not take your average looking appearance as the end of the world-some of girls do not care about the outside so long as you have other qualities
★    Do not be disheartened about your average looking body.  Try to work on other features of your personality-humor, flirting skills, intelligence-the fact that a gorgeous woman like Katy Perry married a not-so-handsome man like Russell Brand is good proof that beauty is not the only thing that matters
★    Try to look good at all times but it is also important to smell good-invest in some mouth wash to get rid of your mouth odor or use perfume and cologne to control your body odor.  A girl can get past your average looks but it is a real turn off to talk to someone with a bad breath.
★    Keep some mystery and let her discover you layers by layers-do not be like an open book to her right from day one!
★    Be a gentleman-chivalry and gallantry will never be out of vogue! The sooner you realize that the better you will get at impressing girls
★    Do not be pushy-take things slowly and show respect
★    Build up your confidence and if you can’t, fake it-appear to be confident even if you know in your guts that you are about to blow everything- after all the whole point is to show that you are capable of taking control of things, so you might as well fake it
★    Do not fart in front of her-at least not the initial days of dating
★    Be yourself; things get easier when you are yourself instead of trying to be someone you are not.  There has to be someone who will love you for who you are; you just have to wait for the right time and person


★    Do not brag about your past sexual experiences.  You may be a Don Juan in your own right but she does not have to know about it-remember that no woman like to know that she is not the first woman in your life.  Besides, women hate to be around men who think they are exceptional and one of a kind.  Being confident is one thing but continuously bragging about yourself make you sound arrogant and cocky
★    Do not lie.  Relationship built upon lies won’t last.  The day she finds out about your lies you can be sure that this will be the last day you are spending with her.  Besides what’s the point of lying to get a girl? Why not be yourself?
★    Do not initiate physical contact too quickly, some girls are not impressed by such a pervasive move; wait for the right time-unless she is dying to be in your bed.
★    Be prepared for rejection.  It happens to even the best of seducers so why will it not happen to you? Do not take it personally, you should instead take it as a chance to be with someone new and perhaps better than her.  Besides, you should be proud of yourself, even if she rejected you, at least now you have the baggage, experience and practice to get any girl to like you!
★    Taking things slowly does not mean that you dwell in the friend zone for too long-start as friend but make sure that you make the transition from friendship to ‘more than friends’ rather quickly.  You surely do not want to be another addition to her long list of friends! So make sure that you play your moves right.
★    This one may seem funny but it’s true-AVOID complimenting her too much.  For instance do not jump into the compliments wagon the moment you see her and compliment her from head to toe, she way think that you are gay.  Gays are very fashion forward people!
★   Do not stalk her.  If she rejects you, do not cling to her like chewing gum. However hard this may be, move on and find ways to get your mind off her
★   Having read and understood the above, you should have realized by now that looks are not the most important thing in getting a girl to like you.  There are far more important things that can make you be as successful with girls as the above average looking guy.  With practice, perseverance and experience you will definitely master the art of impressing girls and perhaps be reputed as the quintessence of refined masculinity-now that you know how to get a girl to like you, perhaps you should start putting everything you just learnt into practice?.

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